Mrs. Dennis Miley (aka Renee) I am infamous (envy_her_) wrote in immense_iconage,
Mrs. Dennis Miley (aka Renee) I am infamous

Icon request

Image: ♥ 1 ♥, ♥ 2 ♥, ♥ 3 ♥
Text: First pic: August 19,2005 (on the top) My heart became one with yours (surprise me how you put that on.) Second pic: Jacob Alexander (on the top) Our heart (on the side) Our soul (on the other side) 9/11/98 (on the bottom.) Third pic: 11/22/03 (on the top), Cierra (on the left) Rochelle (on the right) OUR LIFE (on the bottom)
Font (color, face, and style): Color: Anything that goes well with the pictues. Redensek if you can.
Dimensions: 100x100
Other: Could you add some blinking hearts to it too,please?

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Is it okay if they are black and white at all?
I'd prefer black & white, actually.
It doesn't really matter much,though!
How is this?

If you like it I will do the others also..

I am by NO means good.
That is insanely gorgeous!
I love it. Thanks!♥
Would you mind doing them?
No problem, gimme a bit..
My brother got in a car accident recently so I wont be on the comp too much.

But when I am, I will get them done.

How's he doing?
I'm reeeally sorry it took so long for nothing, but I have been working with those pictures whenever I can and it just doesn't wanna cooperate with how you wanted it.

I could give you the bases to ask someone else... I guess.

Again, I apologize.

♥ Jobey